Our CommitmentsKomitmen Kami

Our Commitments

A quality product is not only judged by the physical component or the product itself.
Many of the factors associated with those products that can increase or decrease the quality of the product itself.
Libera is designed and manufactured based on customer needs and adapted to the trend of the Indonesian community in particular.
Learning of a product starts from listening and note any requests from customers to determine what products are in accordance with the learning.
The research process will be conducted, first, to ensure the quality of the raw material (components) which includes: selection of components which have a failure rate of production as low as possible, the compatibility of components with one another, resistance to changing the current components, electromagnetic field disturbance, and durability of the finished product to the operational and research product performance in extreme conditions.

To support all processes and our commitment to maintaining the quality must be developed quality management system ISO 9001:2008 production process.
Where the production quality management will produce process flow and better control, better documentation processes, quality awareness of employees better, improving product durability, which will ultimately increase the value of the product itself Libera.
We as manufacturers of PC and Notebook Libera cling to our commitment to always provide the best products and services for all users of our products.
For us, customer satisfaction is one of our missions.